"We can never begin too early to give a child their first musical experience" - Anne Harvey

Rhymes and Rhythms was born of my own experience as a new parent. In the early years the weekly baby activity gave me a focus. It helped me feel like I was truly connecting to my 4 month old. By learning the songs and actions to music he enjoyed I started feeling more adequate as a new parent. Over the next 2 years, I discovered the repetitive consistency of the kids music classes encouraged language development and helped with behavioural challenges. More recently, I read that scientists claim baby music classes have a way of making us feel like better new parents. ​In my experience I find this to be true. 

Music offers so much more than learning how to sing or play an instrument. It builds a magical bond and lasting memories. It also encourages, often hard to teach principles, such as concentration, discipline and listening.

The art of listening is often underestimated or even forgotten with young children. Listening, like any art is a result of repetition, training, focus and discipline (Discipline can be achieved harmoniously) . When children truly hear the sounds of our surroundings, punctuated by silence, they become more deeply attuned to their environment.

"Rhymes and harmony find their way into the inward place of the soul on which they mightily fasten" - Plato


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